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I am adding this Proofreading Service to my website.  I realize many of you are in need of someone to read what you’ve written and make any corrections.  I will provide this service for your manuscripts because I know sometimes a second set of eyes come in handy to look over your work before it’s published.

I prefer to read fiction and in particular the work of those who will be self publishing their books, but I will also proofread your website or brochures too if needed.  I’ve found many websites with more than one typing error on them.  This doesn't look very professional.


I proofread line by line and will make every attempt to get your job finished in a timely manner.  In most cases this would be 3-4 weeks from the time I receive your job unless you have a very long or complicated manuscript.  In that case, I will contact you with a different time frame.  Occasionally there will be delays because as you all know - life happens, but this would be a rare case.  In most circumstances, I would hope to finish earlier than the deadline.


I will check your work for consistency, typing errors, punctuation, etc. and charge you below the market average because it's something new I wanted to add to my website. 


I prefer you send your work as a Word document in 12 point font so that it is easy to read and I can use the track changes program to make any corrections.  I can proof in American English or British English.  Please specify when you send your work.

So email me and let me see what you've got.  It's best to contact me first to tell me about your work.  Contact me at this address:

Please put in your subject line "Proofreading and Editing Service"



I charge $2.50 per page.  Half of this needs to be paid via Paypal before I start work on your manuscript.  The balance to be paid after you have approved the changes I made.  I use Paypal because it is a secure online system and anyone can sign up for an account using a credit or debit card.  Paypal will never share your info with me or anyone else. To set up an account click here: 


1.) Contact me regarding your manuscript to tell me a little about it.  RE:  genre, word count, etc.  That way I can contact you and let you know how much it will be to proofread your work.  This will usually be within 24-48 hours.  At that time I will ask for the manuscript.

2.) Send you work to me in a Word document via Email.

3.) I will let you know I received it and give you a time frame you can expect the work to be completed.  (Remember longer, or complicated, files will take longer to complete.)

4.) Set up your Paypal account, if you don't already have one, and make a deposit to Paypal for half of the work.  After I receive that down payment I will begin work on your project.

5.) When I send the ms back to you to look over you will need to give your approval of my changes.  (This may increase the 3-4 weeks for the job to be completed, depending on how fast you look it over.)

6.) After I receive your approval you will need to deposit the balance due into your Paypal account.

7.) I will them fix any changes that are needed, and approved by you, and send your completed manuscript back to you.  This will only take a matter of a few days.  At that time you will be ready to submit to the self publisher of your choice, or to update in the case of a website.




I can also format your book for self publication if you need help with that.  Please inquire about this service and we’ll discuss pricing.


I can also design business cards, bookmarks, brochures and things of that nature using your artwork.  Contact me for pricing and time frames. 



Please when emailing me for these purposes write “proofreading” in the subject line of your email because I don’t open email from an address I don’t recognize.  For proofreading purposes please use this email address:

Lastly, you may contact me at any time with questions regarding your job.  I will make every attempt to answer your email within 24 hours.

I will do my very best for all of you because I want you to succeed.  I will even write a review of your book, if you like, so that it can be posted on Amazon and/or your website or blog after the book is published.

To make the down payment we agreed on, please click below.

We are the pioneers in indie publishing.  Let's make it as great as we can for all of us!

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